Teaching Business English

  • September 11, 2010
  • Online Teaching Business English (TBE) CoursesTeaching Business English
    The demand for Business English teachers has greatly increased in the past few years due to globalization and economical changes in the business world. This brings with it the necessity to hire effective teachers that can be part of this competitive world. With good reason, getting certified to teach business English will be valuable for your future. Almost all employers have higher standards than recent years so it can be quite difficult to find decent work or pay without a TEFL certificate. Not only do employers have higher expectations but more students do as well. But what does it mean to be an effective teacher?

    Among other things, you will learn how to:
    1. Gather, interpret and use information to fulfill your students' work-related needs.
    2. Customize courses by selecting and designing authentic materials in the field of business.
    3. Find the most appropriate ways to assess your students.
    4. Make effective use of technology to support your courses.
    5. Be able to work with groups as well as in a one-on-one situations.
    6. Find ways to keep yourself actualized in your teaching career.
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