Teaching English in Mexico!

  • August 25, 2010
  • Teaching English in Mexico!

    If you choose to teach English in Mexico you will have the chance to experience firsthand the rich Mexican culture. Teachers are generally expected to live in the country for at least a year, and many choose to stay beyond that because Mexico is a truly beautiful place to live.

    Geographically situated in the middle of the Americas with the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico on the east side, the Pacific Ocean on the west, Belize and Guatemala to the south and finally the United States to the north. Mexico features an array of climates; tropical rainforests, volcanoes, snowy mountain tops, and famous white sandy beaches. Mexico City is one of the largest in the world; and is also the center of the country’s culture; it is a vital link for communication, industry and transportation. Mexico’s close proximity to the United States has been influential in several areas including migration, economic trade and culture. Mexican culture stems from a cohesive mix of native and Spanish colonialism.

    The Mexican revolution was very important in establishing a stable presidential government. Internal struggles in theearly 20th century had for some time upset the economic outlook of the country, but now these harder times are remarkably being worked through. Mexico has approximately 104 million people of which about 60% are mixed Spanish Amerindian and about 30% are pure Amerindian. The currency is the Mexican Peso valued at approximately 10.8 to $1 US dollar. Recently the country has shown strong recovery from harder economic struggles.

    Religion plays an important role in the country and as is the case with all of Latin America, family is the number one priority. Mexican food is distinguished in style as being mainly composed of wheat or corn tortillas, beans, meat and chilies although there is quite a variety of delicious dishes available. Many modern pastimes are the same as in westernized countries; however soccer is the country’s most treasured sport. City life although very colorful and interesting does not draw in tourists to the country as do the sun and surf of the beaches.

    Acapulco is the most long standing glitzy of all resorts in Mexico. Filled with high rises, lagoons, rain forest and a throbbing night life. There are many outdoor activities to explore including cliff diving if one dares. A visit to the art gallery where there is a large handicraft market is recommended. The city hops along at full speed at night with some of the best night clubs featuring all types of music. Mexico City is teeming with crowds, sites, museums, and keeps the visitor fascinated at all times. Jacaranda trees; ones with big violet colored flowers are in full bloom in the months of February and March which is a good time to visit the city before the hotter months. Shopping is heaven in the city where markets with local handicrafts can be found in any number of locations.

    Local people are considered very polite so the integration process is very easy and made even easier if the foreigner can learn some Spanish.

    Finding a job:
    Those who plan to teach in Mexico should not plan on being hired before they arrive. Please note that we, at ITTO, can guarantee a teaching position or job placement in Mexico if you are a native speaker and have a college degree!

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