• July 24, 2014
  • Teach English as a Foreign Language around the World!

    Know The Benefits of Teaching English Online

  • There are many advantages for educational professionals when they work online as English teachers. This type of job allows instructors to schedule their lessons around their own daily agendas; educators are able to grow professionally, earn an income, and make a difference in the lives of their students.

    Teach English in Poland

  • February 17, 2014
  • Language Immersion / Cultural Exchange programme in Poland.
    Angloville offers a volunteering programme in Poland, where you will stay in a quality hotel in the middle of the beautiful Polish countryside for 6 days meeting professionals from all over the country in a very laid back environment.
    During the programme you will talk in English  to Polish business executives..and this is pretty much all what is required from you. The objective is to get together a group of interesting people (Around 15 English speakers from all over the world, and around 15 Polish participants, mostly quite successful professionals) and enable them to talk deeper about their interests, learn from each other, exchange ideas, and simply have fun. This is the process in which the Polish participants will practise their English.

    Angloville offers:
    • an extraordinary experience of Poland, its culture and people
    • a chance to interact and network with business executives and successful professionals
    • free accommodation in a 3* Hotel
    • the experience of Polish traditional cuisine: full board, 3 meals a day are provided free
    of charge in the hotel restaurant
    • a free tour of Wrocław/Warsaw
    • free transport from Wrocław/Warsaw to the programme venue and back

    *The only costs you may need to pay is your flight + any hostel before/after programme. You can get here from anywhere in Europe with Ryanair/Wizzair for as little as £60 return, and should you need a hostel before/after the programme, it can be found for as little £8 . These can be your total costs.
    Successful applicants must be: at least 20, a Native Speaker of English, enthusiastic and
    a good conversationalist (since you will be conversing with people for at least 12 hours/ a day).

    Dates available in 2014:
    23-28 February (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    9-14 March (Dwor Zabuze in Zabuze)
    23-28 March (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    6-11 April (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    11-16 May (Dwor Zabuze in Zabuze)
    25-30 May (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    8-13 June (Dwor Zabuze in Zabuze)
    22-27 June (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    6-11 July (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    24-29 August (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    14-19 September (Dwor Zabuze in Zabuze)
    21-26 September (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    12-17 October (Dwor Zabuze in Zabuze)
    19-24 October (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    9-14 November (Dwor Zabuze in Zabuze)
    23-28 November (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)

    For all programmes at Chojnik Hotel, the Angloville bus leaves from Wroclaw.

    For all programmes at Dwor Zabuze Hotel, the Angloville bus leaves from Warsaw.

    There is only 15 English speakers required for last programme (and the programme is advertised in all English-speaking countries), so if you think you’re suitable please hurry up with your application if interested.

    For more info and to apply, please visit

    ITTO featured on Language Magazine

  • February 12, 2014
  • Language Magazine featured ITTO in their magazine a while back. 

    Check out what they say about us:

    The International Teacher Training Organization’s online and onsite TEFL TESOL Certificate Programs of 140 hours provide teacher training, certification, lifelong job guidance and contacts worldwide. Due to the 140 hours of content, which translates into 20 hours above the international requirement, all graduates receive the necessary skills, confidence, and ability to embark on their teaching careers in a professional manner anywhere in the world.

    ITTO’s online course follows the worldwide accepted communicative method and trainees will develop their skills through a combination of informative lecture materials and activities that encourage practical use of the newly acquired skills. Only highly skilled individual tutors participate in this program and all of them are hands-on. Students learn how to teach all four language skills which include: writing, speaking, listening and reading. The components of the course help students teach, motivate, and succeed with both adults and young learners. 

    Job Assistance

  • September 27, 2013
  • Job Assistance:

    Becoming certified with ITTO does not just mean that you will be granted with a worldwide accepted certificate, it indicates that you will be assisted before, during, and after obtaining your teacher training. ITTO has trained thousands of teachers from around the world in both online and onsite courses; we have placed teachers in more than 45 countries: See Graduates' Testimonials in the!

    *Even before enrolling for any program, you can plan your future teaching career: we have Direct Job Offers in China, South Korea, Thailand, Mexico, and France plus Job Contacts to public, private, or language schools around the world. Find out more...

    Job Offer Program:

    Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Courses:

    100 Hours Total

    -100 TEFL hours
    -Internationally Recognized Certification
    -Job Contacts Worldwide
    -Personal Tutor Support & Feedback

    145 Hours Total

    -120 TEFL hours
    -Internationally Recognized Certification
    -25 Hour TBE or 25 Hour TESOL Technology Certificate
    -Job Contacts Worldwide
    -Personal Tutor Support & Feedback

    165 Hours Total

    -140 TEFL hours
    -Internationally Recognized Certification
    -25 Hour TBE or 25 Hour TESOL Technology Certificate
    -Job Offer Program & Contacts
    -Personal Tutor Support & Feedback

    190 Hours Total

    -140 TEFL hours
    -Internationally Recognized Certification
    -25 Hour TBE Certificate
    25 Hour TESOL Technology Certificate
    -Job Offer Program & Contacts
    -Personal Tutor Support & Feedback

    enroll here 

    10 Reasons To Get Teacher Training With ITTO:

  • April 20, 2013

  • Teach English Worldwide!

    10 Reasons To Get Teacher Training With ITTO:
    1. 4 different Online TEFL TESOL Courses to choose from
    2. Job Offer program and lifelong job guidance worldwide
    3. Personal Tutor Support from highly qualified tutors
    4. Personalized Assistance and Students Services
    5. Recognized Institution and Established School
    6. Take your course at your own time and pace
    7. 6 days a week assistance from 9 am to 7 pm
    8. Free Specialty Certificate Course
    9. Great reviews from graduates
    10. ITTO is a member of different international organizations  
        Need more reasons?  Contact Us!

    International Teacher Training Organization
    Tel: +(52)-33-3614-4886 
    TOLL Free numbers from:   
    USA: 1-866-514 7479
    New Zealand: 0-800441 330
    Canada: 1-877-442 0843
    Australia: 01-800-603 827
    United Kingdom: 0-800-4049800

    Stay Connected and Meet Graduates:
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    Internationally Recognized Courses

  • February 1, 2013

  • Obtain your Internationally Recognized Teaching English Certificate!

    It's time for that career change you've been wanting to do!

    What does it mean to have an  

    Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificate?
    Teacher Training ProgramITTO's Online Certification exceeds the international requirements of a TEFL Course, which are:
    • 120 hours of course content (Standard, Advanced program): Get in-depth training to teach students of all levels and all ages.
    • Discussion sessions covering grammar, teaching skills, etc.
    • Formal assessment and a grading system.
    • Personal tutor support and feedback.
    • Theory and practice information on English teaching.

    ITTO is a proud institutional member of the following international organizations and abides by their code of practice and ethics:
    • The College of Teachers (UK's Educational Institute)
    • IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language)
    • ACTEFL (The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)
    • IALLT (International Association of Language Learning Technology)
    • AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce)
    • WYSE (The world's leading association to represent trusted organizations for working abroad)
      Find out how these benefit you! 
    Hear from our graduates!
    What does all of this mean?
    As an ITTO graduate you will earn a certificate of true worldwide recognition, which is held in high regard by schools around the world. Discover where just some of our graduates are teaching!

    Learn more...

    Teach English this year

  • January 4, 2013

  • Begin this year the right way: doing something you have always dreamt of!

    Teach English while traveling the world and get paid for it...  

    Save on any Online TEFL TESOL Certificate Program!     

    Pick the best course for you: 

    140 hours of TEFL course content

    120 hours of TEFL course content

    100 hours of TEFL course content

    Find out more about the free Specialty Courses:
    Teaching Business English Course:

    This online TBE course is perfect if you want to be near influential people and teach serious students. In this 25 hour certification, you will learn to create lesson plans for private or group classes.

    Learn more...
    TESOL Technology Course:  

    Teach English with the newest technology devices out there. Learn the theory behind the use of technology in and outside the classroom and see how to apply these concepts in your English class.

    Contact us:

    International Teacher Training Organization
    Tel: +(52)-33-3614-4886 
    TOLL Free numbers from:   
    USA: 1-866-514 7479
    New Zealand: 0-800441 330
    Canada: 1-877-442 0843
    Australia: 01-800-603 827
    United Kingdom: 0-800-4049800

    Stay Connected:

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    Happy Holidays

  • December 22, 2012

  • What to do?!

  • December 13, 2012
  • Teach English Worldwide with ITTO!
    Enroll in ITTO's Teaching English Certification + Any 25 Hour Specialty Course!     

    Wondering what to do after you obtain your internationally recognized Online TEFL TESOL Certification? How about the following?

    • Have an amazing adventure at an exotic country
    • Be an excellent English teacher
    • Teach part time and enjoy life on your free time
    • Have a rewarding career
    • Travel to experience a new culture
    • Meet new people from around the world
    • Share your knowledge to EFL students
    • Begin your traveller's blog
    • Create your own teaching ideas' page
    • Be a role model for children

    mmmh... can you think of any others? Find out what our graduates are doing!

    Teach in Asia!

  • September 27, 2012
  • Teach English in China, Thailand, or South Korea with ITTO!

    We'll introduce you to our job contacts overseas and assist you in the application process!

    Get ITTO's Online TEFL TESOL Course + Free Job Offers and any Self-Guided Course! Choose either 25 Hour Specialty Certificate Course: Teaching Business English or 25 Hour TESOL Technology!

    Upon completion of your Online TEFL TESOL Course, besides from obtaining lifelong job guidance and contacts worldwide, you will have the amazing opportunity to Teach English in fascinating China, modern South Korea, enchanting Mexico, gorgeous Thailand, or charming France. We will introduce you to different private schools, public schools, and language schools. We will arrange your job interviews and assist you in the application process if you meet certain requirements. You can earn up to $2,500 USD month, have paid vacations, and have your flight reimbursed!

    ITTO's Job Offer Program is intended for ITTO TEFL TESOL Certificate holders with a High Pass Grade or above, who are native English speakers holding a passport from the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or South Africa, and with a College or University Degree. If you are interested in teaching English in China, South Korea, or Mexico and meet the above mentioned criteria, we will connect you with our job contacts to guide you through the job offer process. You do not need to be a Native English Speaker for the TEFL Job Offer in Thailand and you do not a BA to teach English in France. Note: If you already have an online or onsite TEFL TESOL Certificate from ITTO you can apply for the TEFL Job Offer Program for FREE!

    Don’t wait any longer, start packing up your bags!


    Technology and Multilingualism

  • September 20, 2012

  • ***** The ITTO Online TEFL TESOL Blog posted an infographic describing the ways that people from around the world learned to speak English, which included traditional courses, interacting with native speakers through immersion programs and absorbing entertainment in English, from Harry Potter to World of Warcraft. English is fairly ubiquitous, which means that native speakers of English need to reach a little further to find exposure to another language. However, Internet technology is making it easier to become multilingual, as Jennifer Jenkins writes in today’s post. Jennifer is an expert in online education whose work is regularly featured on

    From Skype to
    Online University Classes, the Internet Emerges as a Top-Notch Way to Learn a Language

    Speaking more than one language is an increasingly valuable asset in today’s world of global business and diverse communities. The ability to seamlessly converse with people from multiple places is an obvious advantage, and recent studies show that multilingualism may also promote cognitive function, improving reasoning skills and possibly even ward off dementia. In the past, learning a second or third language usually meant being born into families with multilingual parents, or into dual-language communities like
    Quebec, Canada, whose people speak French and English. But rising Internet technology may be changing all that.

    The Internet space is quickly emerging as a fertile ground for language instruction. Students of all ages, from kindergarten to retirement, can find online programs that teach the basics of language acquisition from the comfort of home. Many are fee-based, but there are quite a few resources available for free, as well. As research continues to show the benefits of bilingualism, demand for Internet-driven language content will in all likelihood continue to grow.

    People who grow up speaking and thinking in only one language are in the minority. “Available data indicate that there are many more bilingual or multilingual individuals in the world than there are monolingual,” revealed a 1999 study by the Center for Applied Linguistics. “In addition, there are many more children throughout the world who have been and continue to be educated through a second or a later-acquired language, at least for some portion of their formal education, than there are children educated exclusively via the first language.” While there is nothing inherently wrong with being monolingual, people who fall into this category may be missing out on other benefits.

    “Whenever bilinguals speak, write or listen to the radio, their brains are busy choosing the right word while blocking the same term from the other language,” the Washington Post said in an article looking at the advantages of bilingualism. “This is a considerable test of executive control — just the kind of cognitive workout, in fact, that is common in many commercial brain-training programs, which often require you to ignore distracting information while tackling a task.” For bilingual people, however, the workout comes naturally and, many say, promotes cognitive strength for life. “Bilingualism is a very powerful road to cognitive reserve, and cognitive reserve is a very powerful defense against dementia,” a 2012 article in the Canadian journal Trends in Cognitive Science found. In other words: it can keep adults smarter and sharper, longer.

    Achieving these benefits is a lot easier today than it used to be. New websites and products can go a long way in actually promoting fluency. Most programs start with basic vocabulary building and simple grammatical concepts, but soon delve into conversation, culture, and real-life applications. When used properly, many Internet language programs can emulate the benefits of immersion. Video chats on services like Skype keep learners connected to native speakers and teachers, and smartphone apps and cultural podcasts make sure that the language travels everywhere the student does.

    Many programs are available, but some approaches are arguably better than others. “The quality of feedback is important,” Mike Levy, head of the school of languages and linguistics at
    Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, recently told The New York Times. “Sites with human contact work best. This shows the advantage of humans compared to computers: a computer is never as subtle or intelligent.”

    Following is a list of some of the most profitable, and popular, online language learning programs. The approaches vary, but the goal is always the same: to enable learners, mostly adults, to capture some of the benefits of multilingualism without having to uproot or seek a full immersion.

    • RosettaStone: This popular language learning program is based primarily on a CD, but includes a growing number of online components, including real-time conversations with teachers and video chats with other learners around the world.
    • TellMeMore: TellMeMore is offered in a similar CD-based format, but it comes with speech recognition and pronunciation diagnostics online, and also allows students to play a variety of Internet-based vocabulary and language building games, including crosswords, to “relieve boredom.”
    • Livemocha: Based entirely on the Internet platform, Livemocha is an intensive language-learning program designed for the savvy web user. It supports a robust “community” of teachers, native speakers, and educators, and actively seeks to imitate an immersion experience from behind the computer screen.
    • Word2Word: This free online program promises to help dedicated language learners master the basics of any of the hundreds of languages in its library. Most of the lessons come in the form of vocabulary-building games and resources culled from around the web.
    • British Broadcasting Corporation Languages: Though not sporting an extensive range of foreign tongues, the BBC does provide robust—and free—access to language instruction. Lessons rely heavily on video instruction and streaming television shows.
    • Online Courses at Universities: A wide range of schools offer language instruction as a part of their online, or extension, course offerings. Through these rigorous courses, students are often eligible to earn credit and access many university resources.

    There is no right or wrong way to go about learning a language, particularly where the Internet is concerned. In most cases, truly mastering another tongue requires a varied approach. Listening to lectures and doing drills is part of the equation, but interacting with native speakers, absorbing colloquial language on television or radio, and playing games like crosswords or arcade-like challenges often provides the variety the brain needs to really absorb the nuances. The Internet makes all of this possible if students have the motivation and passion to learn.