Teach English in Poland

  • February 17, 2014
  • Language Immersion / Cultural Exchange programme in Poland.
    Angloville offers a volunteering programme in Poland, where you will stay in a quality hotel in the middle of the beautiful Polish countryside for 6 days meeting professionals from all over the country in a very laid back environment.
    During the programme you will talk in English  to Polish business executives..and this is pretty much all what is required from you. The objective is to get together a group of interesting people (Around 15 English speakers from all over the world, and around 15 Polish participants, mostly quite successful professionals) and enable them to talk deeper about their interests, learn from each other, exchange ideas, and simply have fun. This is the process in which the Polish participants will practise their English.

    Angloville offers:
    • an extraordinary experience of Poland, its culture and people
    • a chance to interact and network with business executives and successful professionals
    • free accommodation in a 3* Hotel
    • the experience of Polish traditional cuisine: full board, 3 meals a day are provided free
    of charge in the hotel restaurant
    • a free tour of Wrocław/Warsaw
    • free transport from Wrocław/Warsaw to the programme venue and back

    *The only costs you may need to pay is your flight + any hostel before/after programme. You can get here from anywhere in Europe with Ryanair/Wizzair for as little as £60 return, and should you need a hostel before/after the programme, it can be found for as little £8 . These can be your total costs.
    Successful applicants must be: at least 20, a Native Speaker of English, enthusiastic and
    a good conversationalist (since you will be conversing with people for at least 12 hours/ a day).

    Dates available in 2014:
    23-28 February (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    9-14 March (Dwor Zabuze in Zabuze)
    23-28 March (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    6-11 April (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    11-16 May (Dwor Zabuze in Zabuze)
    25-30 May (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    8-13 June (Dwor Zabuze in Zabuze)
    22-27 June (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    6-11 July (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    24-29 August (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    14-19 September (Dwor Zabuze in Zabuze)
    21-26 September (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    12-17 October (Dwor Zabuze in Zabuze)
    19-24 October (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)
    9-14 November (Dwor Zabuze in Zabuze)
    23-28 November (Chojnik Hotel in Karkonoskie Mountains)

    For all programmes at Chojnik Hotel, the Angloville bus leaves from Wroclaw.

    For all programmes at Dwor Zabuze Hotel, the Angloville bus leaves from Warsaw.

    There is only 15 English speakers required for last programme (and the programme is advertised in all English-speaking countries), so if you think you’re suitable please hurry up with your application if interested.

    For more info and to apply, please visit www.angloville.com