Technology and Learning English

  • May 24, 2012

  • Technology and Learning English

    The rapidly advancing age of technology has made it possible to overcome many different challenges in our world today. But the benefits and versatility of technology are not as evident as it is with learning English. This is why more advocates support the integration of technology into education. The positive influence of technology when learning English is valuable and can maximize the overall experience.
    As technology becomes a major part in today’s world, students can have more freedom and support to fully absorb the material. More students are choosing to learn English online because of the increased efficiency with lower costs. Technology and learning English go hand in hand and here are some reasons why more prefer online lessons.

    Technology Brings Opportunities

    The biggest reason for incorporating technology into education is the overall changes in global communication. What was once inaccessible can now be easily reached by way of the internet. Technology opens doors to many more opportunities by linking the world together. The olden days of limited options for education are long gone and all thanks to technological advances. Students will not only have flexibility with online schooling but also have access to more resources.

    Virtual Community of Learners

    A pivotal aspect of learning English is to how to communicate with others in a social setting. Though it may seem impossible with online learning, the fact is exactly the opposite. Students now have a virtual community of learners to discuss topics with, seek advice, or gain leadership skills by helping others. Interactive whiteboards for instance, are a simple but invaluable way for English learners to access helpful resources or lessons. Instructors may include previous topics that are extremely important to progress to the next level. In addition, Interactive whiteboards help a great deal to support an online education and are a perfect example of how to incorporate technology and learning English.

    Spark Interest with Technology 

    Another benefit of mixing technology and learning English is the possibility of heightening interest. A traditional classroom setting is often not conducive to learning because the rote strategies do not challenge or interest students. But technology has completely changed the game and makes it easier for English learners to focus because the content can be presented in a number of ways. Lessons that include computer-based instruction, visual aids, and technologically advanced materials help students achieve more in less time.

    Increase in Accessibility 

    Technology is certainly not beneficial only for education because just about everything has become more accessible nowadays. But especially for learning English, having technical assistance and more flexibility is the key to success. Traditional learning in a classroom is extremely limited and can only be ongoing as long as students are present. However, technology and learning English has allowed students to use mobile phones or laptops for example, to access require information anytime they need. This not only helps students to absorb the material but also offers valuable practice on the proper ways to use tools of technology. 

    Learn Valuable Skills 

    Students prefer to blend technology and learning English because of the valuable skills acquired throughout the lessons. Computer software and online tools help learners to absorb the material much more easily and also hone language skills that are useful. Technology is most successful in maintaining the interest of students while engaging them in the lesson. It helps to emphasize the essential building blocks of language learning including vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and overall fluency.

    Build Confidence for Success 

    Students often feel discouraged in a classroom setting because falling behind can be embarrassing and discouraging. But with a course that incorporates technology and learning English, students can learn with privacy and learn the vital skills of success. Technology cannot be ignored even by English learners because all communication in social or business networks use the internet in some form or another. 

    You, as the English Teachers 

    The International Teacher Training Organization – ITTO –, the pioneer of a one-of-a-kind course, brings to the English teaching community an online TESOL Technology course devoted to train English Teachers to use or strengthen their knowledge in integrating technology devices in the classroom. In this course you will learn to employ new techniques that go beyond the use of conventional classroom items such as blackboards, chalk, recorders, video-players, flashcards, books, photocopies, etc. These new teaching tools provide excellent opportunities for language educators to explore and use to enhance teaching and learning. Thus, you offer many advantages to your learners on using Technology and Learning English.

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