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  • May 11, 2012

  • Teach English at one of the TOP 5 TEFL Destinations through ITTO's TEFL Job Offer Program!
    Apply for ITTO's Online TEFL TESOL Course + FREE TEFL Job Offer Program !

    Once you graduate from ITTO's Online TEFL TESOL Course, you will have many advantages and benefits. One of those is the chance of Teaching English at one of the 5 following destinations: intriguing China, modern South Korea, captivating Mexico, exotic Thailand, or charming France through the job offer program. You can earn up to $25 USD an hour, have paid vacations, medical insurance, and have your flight reimbursed! Go here to review the requirements to register for each TEFL Job Offer program and for further information.    

    Teaching English in China:

    Teaching demand in Hong Kong is very high. Teachers are needed for medical staff, tourism operators and of course all areas of business. Eastern and Western culture differ in many ways. Native speakers are especially revered for authentic western cultural knowledge...

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    Teaching English in South Korea:
    The learning of English takes place mainly in the business context used as a practice to maintain usage and fluency. Many Koreans need conversation classes after having returned from being educated abroad. Private institutes as well as public schools, have a demand for native speakers as English is rather compulsory at the lower levels as well...
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    Teaching English in

     As an English teacher in Thailand, you will plan and deliver quality lessons, promote the general progress and be a positive role model. Most of the positions for foreign teachers are mainly for large periods of time. Non-native English speakers with a native-like English level are welcome to apply!

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    Teaching English in

    Unlike other countries where advanced qualifications are required, the French are more likely to hire native English speaking teachers based on other credentials. For example, you do not need a BA in order to apply for our French job offers, but you do need baby-sitting or tutoring experience to qualify for our programs and a High School Diploma

    Teaching English in Mexico:

    Prospects for teaching opportunities abound in the cities of Guadalajara, and the capital Mexico City. It is possible to find work in some smaller remote communities; however, pay scale and resources will be lower. Fully certified individuals can make up to $1,200 US per month salary with benefits. Cost of living is fairly low especially outside Mexico City.

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