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  • March 6, 2012

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    college of teachersITTO's world class 140 Hour Onsite TEFL TESOL Program was tailored by expert tutors to the current online version. In the 140 hours of content, 20 more hours above the international requirement, you will gain the teaching skills, confidence, and ability to teach English anywhere in the world. Also, by complementing your TEFL career and teaching salary with any Free Online Specialty Course, you can get many more job opportunities! Learn More...

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    Online TESOL Technology

    In this 25-hour course, you will learn to use technology for your classroom, leaving the traditional blackboard behind! Moreover, you will gain knowledge of basic technological concepts, explore the newest tools and participate in learning communities, combine technology with your pedagogical knowledge, create activities supported by technology to meet specific learning goals, and learn to improve communication, collaboration and efficiency through a few easy to use gadgets. Learn More...

    Online Teaching Business English 

    Besides learning to create Business English lesson plans, you will become skilled at gathering, interpreting and using business English information to relate it to your students' work-related needs. Additionally, you will find out how to personalize courses by selecting and designing authentic materials in the field of business, discover the best way to assess students, use technology in the TBE field, be able to work with groups as well as in one-on-one situations, and learn ways to keep yourself actualized in this teaching field. Learn More...

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