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  • October 4, 2011

  • Take all the training you need to become an international, professional, and up-to-date English Teacher!

    Online TEFL TESOL Course: 

    Teachers' training involves learning about the subject matter, teaching methodology, managing classes, grammar, designing activities, and planning lessons. Our online TEFL TESOL course of 140 hours meets the international TEFL requirements, which are: 120 hours of training, discussion sessions covering grammar, teaching skills, etc., formal assessment, personal tutors and information including TEFL theory and practice. Graduates of our course earn a 140-hour TEFL/TESOL certificate of true international recognition, which is held in high regard by language schools around the world. Click here to find out where our graduates are teaching!

    Online Self-Guided TESOL Technology Course: 

    Brought to you by ITTO, the pioneer of a one-of-a-kind course: the first online course dedicated to train English Teachers to use or reinforce their knowledge in integrating technology devices in the classroom, presenting a compilation of technologies and tools to enhance language learning and teaching. You will discover new techniques that go beyond the usual classroom items. These new teaching implements provide exceptional opportunities for language educators. Click here to learn more! 

    Self-Guided Online Teaching Business English Course: 

    Teaching Business English is one of the most profitable areas in the TESOL market. In this online Teaching Business English (TBE) course of 25 hours, you will see the following topics: What is Business English?, Syllabus Design for TBE, Speaking and Writing Skills in TBE, Use of Technology in TBE, Teaching TBE One-On-One, Culture and TBE, Testing and TBE and Keeping up-to-date as a TBE instructor. Click here to the complete course content!
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