TEFL Demo Lesson

  • July 4, 2011

  • Get a taste of the TEFL World by taking ITTO's Online TEFL TESOL Certificate Course Demo Lesson!

    Experience and see for yourself how ITTO's online course is taken at your own time and pace; furthermore, explore its first unit. Getting TEFL certified after the summer will potentially lower your chances of obtaining a great job!

    Just follow these simple steps:
    2. Insert your name and email
    3. Enjoy!

    ITTO's Online TEFL/TESOL Certificate Program gives you the teacher training and certification required by schools in order to get a professional, well-paid job. Due to the masterful 140 hours of content, which is 20 more hours above the international requirement, all graduates will receive the necessary skills, confidence, and ability to embark on their teaching careers and work in a professional manner anywhere in the world!

    Additionally, ITTO's online course combines the convenience of receiving our certification and training from anywhere in the world, working and progressing at your own pace, with some of the great features you would expect to receive from an on-site TEFL TESOL program. Our program minimizes any potential problems with distance learning through a user-friendly interactive platform and hands-on, consistent support from your personal tutor. The program combines media types to make sure you get the best learning experience possible.

    Teacher's training involves learning about the subject matter, managing classes, grammar, designing activities, and planning lessons. All these are important to prepare you in the theoretical aspects of teaching. The Online TEFL TESOL Course prepares you interactively to develop skills in those areas. The games component of our course will help you teach, motivate, and succeed with both adults and young learners. Click to see the course content!

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