Become TEFL certified and Teach English as a Foreign Language & Business English Worldwide!

  • June 8, 2011
  • Enroll in ITTO's Internationally Recognized Online TEFL TESOL Certificate Course of 140 hours + Online Self-Guided Teaching Business English Certificate Course of 25 hours!

    ITTO's Online TEFL/TESOL Certificate Course, gives you the teacher training and certification required by ESL/EFL schools. Due to the masterful 140 hours of content, (20 more hours above the international requirement!) you will receive the necessary skills, confidence, and ability to embark on your teaching career in a professional manner anywhere in the world.

    Also, gain edge in employment by taking our Online Self-Guided Teaching Business English specialty course, since Business English is globally important. It is definitely an added value and very appealing to employers; Teaching Business English is one of the most lucrative areas of TESOL.

    Upon completion of the program, you will obtain ITTO's online TEFL/TESOL certification, TBE Certification, letter of recommendation, lifelong job contacts worldwide, and much more!

    For your course fee, you will obtain:
    -140 hours of printable and downloadable course material
    -Internationally Recognized Online TEFL/TESOL Certification and letter of recommendation
    -Internationally Recognized Online TBE Certification
    -Personal tutor TEFL TESOL support and feedback
    -1 year to complete the course
    -Lifelong job guidance
    -Lifelong direct employment contacts worldwide
    -A discussion forum to exchange ideas with other students and learn from each other
    -Free Resume building help
    -Live chat administrative assistance
    -Practical exercises and immediate feedback from the instructors
    -General knowledge of theory and strategies to become a professional English teacher
    -Ideas and suggestions on teaching based on the experience of teaching experts
    -An insight of your own teaching styles and methodological preferences
    -Free mailing of hard copy of certificate & letter of recommendation
    -Lifelong access to our TEFL Grad's Corner, which is full of resources and TEFL Blog
    -Grammar Module (required by employers)
    -We have neither extra fees, nor hidden fees!
    -You will never have to purchase extra materials!
    -And more!
    *You may start with half and pay the second half one month later.

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