Teaching English in the Czech Republic

  • October 29, 2010

  • Teaching English in Czech Republic

    Quite recently Prague has become very attractive for foreign language teachers as it has a very exciting repute especially for its night life. Not quite so attractive but still available for the job seeker are the smaller towns in the industrialized sectors of the country or in the capital of Moravia, Brno. The smaller centers offer much more varied positions due to the fact that Prague is so popular. Qualified instructors have the choice of working either in the public sector or the private sector. The public sector is known to be much more secure to work in as there are often offered perks such as accommodations and health insurance. The private sector offers many opportunities however all types of schools exist. Keeping an awareness of the facts when offered a position is quite worth it as there are many good employers.

    Teachers in public schools earn approximately $500 US per month and private schools may pay from $600 US to $800 US per month. Private lessons can be charged from $10 to $14 US per hour. Accommodations are challenging to find and finding a roommate is the best way to go as monthly rental payments can cost from $180 US to $300 US. Cost of living is very cheap especially for anything that is locally produced. The best time to apply for jobs is June before the academic year and paperwork is best started from your country of origin. Czech students are known to be very easy to work with and business English is not of the utmost importance.

    Traveling to Czech Republic
    The Czech Republic has underwent many changes in the 20th century, first after World War I it broke away from the Austrian-Hungarian Empire becoming Czechoslovakia. After the Second World War the nation fell under the Soviet communist regime. This was a very arduous oppressive part of its history. It wasn’t until 1989 that the country emerged from the iron curtain and peacefully became the Czech Republic, joining the European Union in 2004.

    Located in the middle of Europe, the country is surrounded by Germany just to the northwest, Poland to the northeast, and Austria and Slovakia to the south. The population is approximately 10 million people. The Czech Republic shows all indications of a prosperous country. Demand is especially driven within the country and Germany has become a very important trade partner. Government run public services have slowly been restructured and the Euro currency has provided a very strong monetary base. The currency is the Czech Koruna which is approximately .046 US.
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