About us:

  • July 14, 2010

  • We, ITTO Online, are one of the few Online TEFL/TESOL Certificate Program to offer over 120 hours, which is the international requirement for TEFL or TESOL hours. While other online programs offer only 70 to 100 hours, we provide in-depth training.

    Course Overview:
    Our course follows the worldwide accepted communicative method and our trainees develop their skills through a combination of informative lecture materials and activities that encourage practical use of the newly acquired skills. Study units contain information about grammar, teaching skills, classroom management, the four skills in language learning, phonetics and pronunciation, and lesson planning.

    The course is divided into the following main study units:
    UNIT 1: The Teaching and Learning Process
    UNIT 2: Vocabulary
    UNIT 3: Grammar
    UNIT 4: The Four Skills
    UNIT 5: Classroom Management
    UNIT 6: Planning
    UNIT 7: Games
    UNIT 8: Grammar and Pronunciation

    Read more about each unit of our course!