Lifelong Job Guidance:

  • June 29, 2010
  • Lifelong Job Guidance:

    Get lifelong TEFL TESOL job guidance and lifelong TEFL TESOL job contacts worldwide!

    From the day you apply, we will provide worldwide TEFL details for any teaching locations. If your interest is only to travel and teach abroad, we sincerely encourage you to search "Paid job placement" agencies. These agencies charge you a fee just for job placement, which can be for a volunteer or sometimes paid job.

    Different from other schools which only provide details of agencies or websites where you may seek employment, we at ITTO conduct an empowering job guidance program through which you will acquire the skills of job searching, cover letter and resume writing.

    Upon successful academic completion of the program, you will even be provided direct employment contacts worldwide. Let our ITTO be your passport to the world!

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